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The PGCSIF commissioned this paper because at this time of leadership transition in the County (new County Executive; seven new County Council members), the County is poised for significant change and growth .

Yet, it faces a critical choice:

Grow in a way that many jurisdictions have, where racial and economic inequities increase.


Lead in very intentional ways to ensure more inclusive economic growth and more equitable development.

The data and recommendations we present helps Prince George’s County to choose the second path.

Prince George’s Rising explores how the County can grow in very dynamic ways by growing its core industries more robustly, focusing on expanding an innovation-based local economy, leveraging key higher education and medical anchor institutions to serve as engines for growth, and ensuring primary attention on developing the workforce and entrepreneurs for these core industries and innovation-based jobs.

At the same time, Prince George’s County must ensure its economy grows in equitable ways for its residents and make certain that development occurs in ways that ensure lower-income residents and residents of color do not get pushed out.


Key strategies to ensure equitable prosperity and development include:

  • Bolstering the skills of residents (especially lower-income) for middle-skill and higher-skill jobs,

  • Scaling up support for entrepreneurs of color,

  • Implementing policies that prevent displacement and preserve affordable home choices,

  • Implementing the County’s new Comprehensive Housing Strategy – in alignment with the County’s new zoning ordinance,

  • Ensuring transit-oriented-development is planned and delivered with equity as a priority, and

  • Investing capital and resources that effectively benefit underserved neighborhoods & their residents.

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