The Revenge of Ward 9 - Poem By Patrick Washington

Uh, what’s happening, PG?

They say you got your name from some King in Denmark

But that’s a temporary condition too

Can you dig it, PG?


This poem will not end up on a diss track

No east versus west

…maybe a little north versus south

I mean, This Is America…

No Gambino references

No Free Meek, and definitely

No ghostwriters save for my ancestors

who still ask me,

“What is the proper clap back for a

Burnt down North Brentwood church?”

Welcome to Prince George’s County

to the day after that long awaited day

that pastor Woo Woo from

Prosperity Church Naa Na Naa finally told us the secret

Blowing his Adobo breath across the sanctuary

as the fluid chords of Vivaldi’s Concerto soars

The choir sings ,“Rejoice”

But all I hear is – my son’s voice

I only hear,

“It’s mine its mine its mine, who’s world is this?”

Don’t tell them

Let them figure it out

WE know who inherits what

The most beautiful people on this planet many times

Were born into the ugliest of situations

And still reach back to bring others up

That is how you know God’s People

That’s how you know these people

…And Check us out

Degreed Hustlers

PTA Whisperers

Glorious black women looking

Back at you the way Florida Evans did J.J.

That, “Baby you gotta get it together”

That look – makes every spine straighten

& every chin rise

It makes paperwork either tighten up or go POOF!

Makes you come back better than you left

Just to see that same woman smile

(Women smile when you handle your business)

And business-wise it isn’t counter intuitive

 For Love to be our I.P.O. 

the strong one’s standing together until

We’ve all compounded interest

become equity partners

..and set some New Rules


Rule 1 - We’ve begun phasing out code switching within county limits

Rule 2 - Twice a year young people will take the reins at the C.A.B. & run the county for a day

Rule 3 - Lift every voice will be sung at Fed Ex Field before ALL sports events

Rule 4 - Police departments on routine patrol have a strict

drive by and wave policy a

live where you work policy a

know your neighbors policy

Because of us

Air force one opts to land elsewhere


Make no mistake

They will come with clipboards & red caps

Hissing twisted stats through

glazed incisors

they’re gonna see God working around you then shout, “But Chicago!”

…listen for a gunshot then type, “Typical”

This is for them

people on the racial fence who check

whatever box is convenient

the know it alls

the Dolezals 

the Erykah Yaccubs lookin crazy

You musta forgotten where you at!

In this interview Black Names Don’t Matter, because here

DeShawn & Aaliyah got the callback

Got the job

Got the loan

Left Connor & Molly wondering what happened

Don’t tell them

Just ask them:


Does the electric slide begin on the right or left foot?


Matter of fact – Make THOSE the S.A.T. Questions!

We’ve already proven that Einstein’s Fish can climb trees

-         Now let’s see if these shrubs can swim

Make go-go band a school elective

Grade their motor skills

Hand-eye coordination IS intelligence

Give our kids their hearts back

And watch….

Naysayers will gaze across to see

Our property values rising with the

Smell of paella and Jollof

They will watch the sweat pooling above our smiles

Fall in love with our dance

Envy our drive

Confuse us with a utopian movie set…

Let them visit 

Redeem their hearts beneath a violet sky

Breathe to them that they are loved…

Then send they asses home

They don’t deserve the celestial mechanics

Of how we turn schools into open-air thought markets

You don’t get the key to this bias-crushing / spirit-affirming

African Montessori Type Work… WITHOUT the work


And yeah

Who doesn’t have a cousin who comes around

smelling like warrants

…but have you heard them sing?

…let them look at your car?

…watched them cut hair?

…given them a chance?

Don’t answer that - They’re watching

circle the wagons & get your people

stand uncompromised

Be more Earth Wind & Fire than Nirvana


Let them come for you like they did Greenwood

In Tulsa

and Watts

and St Louis


and Knoxville

You won’t see their metal but

you will feel their fear

Remember you are fighting for

Disney princesses with bantu knots

Plant your flag proudly &


Never tell them the secret:

Vibranium is a metaphor -

Wakanda is not


Patrick Washington

Youth Advocate & World Activist

Executive Manager; DIALECT of Prince Georges County


Arts Educator / Spoken Word Mercenary for  

Prince George's African American Museum & Cultural Center

DC Creative Writing Workshop

Joe's Movement Emporium Creative Works 

Prince George's Arts & Humanities Commission


Mark Lawrence