Timothy Harley


Timothy Harley is currently the executive chef for Aramark at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. As a graduate of Atlantic Culinary Academy’s “Le Cordon Bleu” program in 2008, Timothy has consistently made strides in his career and his community to promote and bring awareness to the world of culinary arts. Starting at the bottom, he has worked his way up from a sauté intern cook at a casual dining restaurant to a sous chef of a top catering company, and now in his current position managing the food production for a multimillion-dollar contract. His passion for food is not only to his customers and clients, but also to the next generation. Yearly, he participates in numerous career days, showing the next generation a glimpse into the culinary sphere, hoping to prick the heart of child to pursue a career as a chef.

As an accompaniment to his full-time endeavors, chef Tim owns a small catering company, Spoonfulls Catering — @spoonfulls on Instagram — and www.spoonfullscatering.com.

It’s within this company that he focuses on delivering to every client a “divine taste of life.” One of his greatest accomplishments was being featured on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchenseason 7, episode 6: “The Great Egg-Scape.”