Roniqua Jeffries


Roniqua Jeffries is a strategic marketing professional with a passion for product innovation, customer insights, and shopper marketing. With experience in translating customer insights into innovative products and services, she excels in turning problems into opportunities that deliver results. Currently, she works for the United States Postal Service where she has successfully launched marketing campaigns for its $18.3 billion retail industry and launched new products for the $68.9 billion company.

In 2015, she created a small business, By Ronnie J. (, and self-published a personal growth book titled, Can I Live? The Advice Every Black Girl Needs but Doesn’t Know it Yet. The mission of By Ronnie J. is to uplift and inspire women of color by promoting positive images and providing them the tools needed to live happy, healthy, and successful lives. She provides motivational speaking to high schools, universities, and affinity groups on the topics of planning for your future, having good work ethic, and creating a healthy self-image.

A native of Louisville, KY, she received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Louisville and a Master’s of Marketing from the University of Cincinnati.

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