Lee Caine


Lee Cain spent his childhood fishing and crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay, finding his place as he would often bring home dinner at age 8, winning the bread — well, fish — for his family. When he was 18, there was not much left to catch. He graduated from Juniata College with a degree in Physical Science, Culture and Writing and then went to work as an 8th grade science teacher in the District of Columbia for a couple of years. After a decade of community engagement, education work, restoration, and supporting advocacy efforts to clean up the Anacostia River with the Anacostia Watershed Society, he is now the Director of Kingman Island with Living Classrooms and board chair of the Anacostia Trails and Heritage Area in Prince George’s County.

During his time fighting for clean water and air, he has realized that an important part of this equation is people. He helps people find their connection to nature empowering them to work and fight to keep Kingman Island, the Trails, and the Anacostia River, the escape in the city, while providing young people with academic enrichment and employment opportunities.

While he’s pretty deep into his work and has some fun hobbies such as kayaking, sailing, fishing, and playing in a band called Blue Plains, these are all part-time jobs. His full-time job is to be the best dad and partner he can be for his two daughters and wife.

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