Dante Bishop


Dante Bishop, a community organizer with Maryland Working Families, is the current campaign director of the Women’s Economic Security Agenda. He promotes the legislative package, which includes Equal Pay, Paid Sick Days, and Fair Scheduling, to activists, legislators, and women’s’ organizations.

He has served as Legislative Director for Maryland State Senator Joanne Benson, building coalitions to apply pressure to state-level policy makers. He’s supported Senator Benson in highlighting crucial issues to state legislators, including the foreclosure crisis, our decade-long failure to invest any funds into quality after-school and summer programs for youth and the need to address and reform our system of mass incarceration.

Additionally, Mr. Bishop is the Vice President (and former Chairman) of Dew More Baltimore, helping to start and support programs that aim to heal community apathy while increasing civic engagement and social awareness through advocacy and innovative arts programs.

His professional experience also includes serving as Legislative Aide to Maryland Senator Ronald Young and former Maryland Delegate Tom Hucker. He also served as Vice Principal of Mirror Image Consulting Group, where he provided expertise in organization development for newly established nonprofit organizations. He is also the former Communications Director and Executive Vice President of Prince George’s County Young Democrats, Maryland.

Dante Bishop is a rising community leader who received his training from Morgan State University, earning his BA in Philosophy and Pre-law. He is an aspiring public servant who believes the number one indicator of a healthy city is the number of people engaged.

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