Shawneka B. Ponder


Shawneka B. Ponder, pills a life-long resident of Prince George’s County, lives by the simple principle, “The cost of real love is no charge.” She credits her late grandmother for teaching her that service is her rent on earth. It should always be done with love and never to gain a profit. Ponder is a board member for the Children of Mine Youth Center (COMYC), an afterschool program dedicated to providing a clean, safe haven and loving environment for youth across the DC metropolitan area. At COMYC, Ponder manages the social media sites, leads self-esteem workshops, hosts cleanup projects, directs the children’s choir, tutors various subjects, and assists with feeding the homeless community.

At Mt. Ennon Baptist Church, Ponder is the servant leader for the young adult choir, where she serves more than 100 young adult choir members. She’s also a dedicated member of the media, greeters, and drama ministry. She assists with various events such as the Young Adult Friday Night Live program, Women’s Game Night, Community Cleanup Day, and the Young Adult Women’s FireChat session.

Ponder holds a bachelor of science degree from Bowie State University and a master of science degree from the University of Maryland University College. She will continue to dedicate countless hours to being the change in the community through her commitment to serving others.