Kue Miyo Lattimore-Williams


Kue Miyo Lattimore-Williams serves as an assistant state’s attorney for the Office of the State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County, generic Maryland. In addition to being a prosecutor, Lattimore-Williams is the assistant program manager for the Office of the State’s Attorney’s I Belong Here truancy reduction initiative program. Through the program, I Belong Here, Lattimore-Williams is able to engage middle school students in Prince George’s County public schools by using incentives to reinforce the importance of staying in school.

Lattimore-Williams also coaches teen volunteers for the State’s Attorney’s Office’s Teen Court diversion program. She is a licensed minister at Victory Church International, Ft. Washington, Maryland, serving as the head of the Usher Board, cochair of Titus 2 Mentor Ministry, and head of the youth ministry. Lattimore-Williams received her juris doctor and bachelor of arts degree from George Washington University. She serves on two local boards and is a member of several bar associations.

She is a lifelong resident of Prince George’s County and recently married Keith B. Williams, who is also a lifelong resident of Prince George’s County.