Katherine Meixner-Croft


Katherine Meixner-Croft is a proud product of Prince George’s County Public Schools and currently serves them through her position as assistant director of Side by Side. She organizes teacher-led workshops in five Laurel elementary schools to equip prekindergarten thru second grade parents with tools to make learning happen everywhere—not just in the classroom. She has worked tirelessly to empower parents with the knowledge that they are the most important teachers of their children.

Meixner-Croft began her work with Side by Side in the spring of 2014 as a grant writer, and grew quickly into her current position as assistant director. Under her leadership and organization, the program has attracted more families, diversified its revenue streams, and helped more students get better test scores and grades than ever before.

Beyond her work with Side by Side, she is passionate about volunteering throughout Laurel, her place of residence for twenty-four years. Meixner-Croft received her bachelor of science degree in English through Towson University in 2013 and a master of science degree in professional writing through Towson University in 2014.

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