Caitlin McGrath


Caitlin McGrath is executive director of the Old Greenbelt Theatre, in Greenbelt, Maryland. She received her doctorate in cinema and media studies in 2010 from the University of Chicago. Her scholarly interests include late-silent-era camera movement, spaces of display (department stores, world’s fairs, urban streets) and their relationship to film style, and home movies, specifically of the 1939 New York World’s Fair. She serves as the book review editor for the journal The Moving Image, and she has presented her research at more than two dozen national and international conferences.In 2014, McGrath founded and incorporated a nonprofit, Friends of Greenbelt Theatre (FGT), rallied community support, and, in 2015, FGT won the city of Greenbelt’s bid to run the historic single-screen cinema in Roosevelt Center. The FGT mission is to make the cinema a center for film culture in Prince George’s County by revitalizing it as a cultural and social hub and by maximizing the theatre’s potential as an economic and cultural driver. This mission relies on a vibrant programming schedule of independent, art house, repertory, and educational content. This model represents a return to pioneer Greenbelt ideals, which in many ways are more modern than ever.McGrath also serves as chair of the Roosevelt Center Merchant Association, which is dedicated to the economic revitalization of historic Greenbelt. She has lived in Greenbelt, with her husband and two children, since 2011.