Rashida Cohen 


Rashida Cohen is a doctor of chiropractic and business owner who operates two offices in Washington, DC. She has 14 years of experience naturally healing her patients with her hands. People come in with pain in their bodies, headaches, sciatica, numbness, etc. Patients give testimonials about how their pain has left, blood pressure has normalized, acid reflux has gone, hormone levels normalized, their asthma has gone, they sleep better, and they were able to conceive a child after having care at her office. Her primary focus, however, is on treating and healing pregnant patients.

Chiropractic care begins before birth. It helps the babies to move into the best position and patients have healthier pregnancies and easier deliveries. She enjoys working with and encouraging youth. She travels the country recruiting young people to become doctors. She has also spent time mentoring the youth and young adults at From the Heart Church in Suitland, Maryland. She is most rewarded by the lives that are impacted through her mentoring.

Cohen is the eldest of seven children and grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Niamey, Niger, and Cairo, Egypt. She went to Spelman College and then Life University to become a doctor. Her unique upbringing, her persistence, and her upbeat attitude have made her a person to follow and pay close attention to in the upcoming years.

With little formal education, Stein has tirelessly carved a business path where ethics define policy and honesty drives business. He has become the fastest growing real estate broker in Prince George’s County by continually defining what is in the best interest of the client, often creating out-of-the-box solutions, and sometimes upsetting other agents as he throws out the status quo.

He is a 50 percent partner of a real estate consulting firm based out of Reston, Virginia, and when Stein is not engaged in real estate, he rides fire trucks within Prince George’s County, and also serves on the board of Local 1619. Stein has been married for eight years to a music teacher and together they have two children, Joseph and Esther.

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