Rae Wallace


Rae Wallace relates that there is no campaign too dull, no project too simple, or tweet too limited in characters for her to inject her creative “Raes” into. She is a public health communications coordinator for the Prince George’s County Health Department, and is the campaign strategist, the social media manager, graphic artist, and the brand ambassador all rolled into one person. In the wake of Ebola outbreak in western Africa, she created a multi-tiered communication plan to supplement the Health Department’s Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Wallace created and implemented the department’s LifeRevive campaign, which features a county employee and/or resident working to revolutionize their health. The campaign allows Health Department Facebook and Twitter followers to see a healthy revolution occur in real time during the course of several months. Outside her daily functions, she plays an advisory role to community groups seeking assistance on creating communication strategies. She also works with middle and high school students to create video projects that address their communities’ health needs.

A native of Prince George’s County, Wallace received her bachelor of arts degree in broadcast journalism and Spanish from Temple University in 2009. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in digital and public health communications from Johns Hopkins University.

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