Wilfrance Lominy

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Wilfrance Lominy is a driving force in innovation in the health and fitness community in Prince George’s County. She is a coach and mentor for the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC) in College Park and is dedicated to supporting JTCC’s community outreach efforts.

Lominy has demonstrated her commitment to JTCC’s mission of volunteerism through many hours spent coaching and mentoring in JTCC’s Advantage, Prince George’s community outreach initiative. She believes that the benefits of the sport of tennis extend far beyond the court, and through mentoring she directs children on a path to a future career and personal success both on and off the court.

In addition to directly mentoring the Advantage Prince George’s students, Lominy oversees JTCC’s high performance junior players, who work at the community centers as part of their leadership development training.

Lominy is currently a manager of JTCC’s highly acclaimed Junior Champs program, teaching youth the basics of tennis, while developing their technique and overall athleticism. In Prince George’s County, JTCC is focusing on athletic growth in neighborhoods located within the Transitioning Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) by facilitating tennis programs. She is dedicated to supporting JTCC’s community outreach efforts.

Lominy attended Hampton University and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in marketing. For more information regarding JTCC Outreach initiatives, visit www.jtcc.org.

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