Tariiq Omari Walton


Tariiq Omari Walton is a label-defying, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, talk-show host, and an artist in several mediums. Walton graduated from Lincoln University with a double major in history and secondary education and a minor in sociology. He then attended graduate school at The College of William and Mary. During his time at Lincoln, Walton fell in love with life on the radio and discovered a talent for working with leather. Later Walton uncovered a deep passion for writing.

As president and CEO of Infinite Possibilities Entertainment, LLC, and its many divisions, Walton has written, published, marketed, and distributed four books, including a relationship guide (It’s Just a Damn Date: Why We Expect Too Much Too Soon); hosted a weekly interpersonal relationship discussion forum, and had the opportunity to speak in front of numerous audiences.

Currently, Walton hosts and produces a monthly arts and culture television talk show on PG CTV, where he also serves on the board of directors, cohosts a weekly call-in radio talk show on WOL, hand makes and sells his own leather products, consults for the educational firm Holcomb and Associates, and works for the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention Center at Bowie State University. Recently, Walton had the opportunity to act in his first stage play, and he completed writing a television pilot and proposal. He plans to begin working soon on a follow-up to his relationship book.