Glennard OJ Johnson


Glennard “OJ” Johnson has dedicated his career to encouraging and developing young athletes, and preparing them for college and college-level sports. A former teacher, athletic director, and head basketball coach in Prince George’s County public schools for ten years, Johnson developed programs that educated young athletes and their families about the college application process. He hosted seminars on the NCAA Eligibility Center, educating families and students about the requirements and expectations imposed by the NCAA. In addition, Johnson is a successful basketball coach. In 2009 and 2011, he was recognized as the Prince George’s County Basketball Coach of the Year by the Washington Post. In 2011, he was honored with the distinguished award of MSADA District 3 Athletic Director of Year.

An alumnus of the prestigious St. Albans School, Johnson returned to St. Albans in 2011 as the head basketball coach, assistant director of admissions, and director of the Skip Grant Program (a program that offers support and guidance to students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented at the school). Johnson focuses on reaching out to families in Prince George’s County to expose them to the elite private and independent school options in the area, including St. Albans. Most recently, he hosted informational sessions within Prince George’s County to share the benefits of an independent school education with interested families.

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