Andreas Woods


Andreas Woods is committed to empowering, there elevating, advice and uplifting the community through the education of youth. He has served Prince George’s County in this capacity for almost a decade. After graduating as valedictorian from Morehouse College with a degree in mathematics, Woods went to Brown University and became the first African-American student to earn a doctoral degree in Egyptology.

Woods served as a history professor at Bowie State University for six years and is currently a professor at Howard University. A student favorite, Woods is known for motivating his students to pursue excellence, exposing them to their great historical and cultural wealth, and inspiring them to become beacons of light in their community. He also serves as the advisor for several student organizations, including the Black Male Initiative, America’s Promise, NAACP, and Students for Change.

As the founder and director of the Baobab Tree Foundation, a nonprofit designed to create transformational educational experiences, Woods continues to enrich the lives of children in the community. The foundation provides academic tutoring, curriculum development, teacher training, parent workshops, and mentorship. The educational programs have led to astonishing student academic success—children as young as four and five are reading at the second-grade level, doing algebra, reciting their multiplication tables, and reading Egyptian hieroglyphs. Through the various educational and cultural programs, the foundation has served thousands of children in Prince George’s County.

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