Shakir McDonald

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An educator, entrepreneur, author, and mentor, Shakir McDonald is the founder of the B.E.E. (Brilliant, Educated, and Empowered) Academy. This innovative resource serves a multitude of youth through tutoring, after-school programs, mentoring, personal and professional development courses, and STEM camps.

Shakir is at the forefront of advancing youth development and academic excellence, as is evidenced by her dedication to providing students with lifelong tools for success, confidence, and a renewed fascination for learning. Shakir’s presence is felt throughout the community, where she also dedicates time to being a motivational speaker and local TV and radio host. She uses her various platforms to advocate for dynamic programs, tools, and solutions on behalf of today’s youth. She addresses—and solves—the issues plaguing our youth by combining innovative teaching, her passion for business, and her commitment to helping others. A dedicated mother and wife, Shakir lives and empowers those around her with her mantra: “Why gloat like a butterfly when you can succeed like a B.E.E.”

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