Dr. Anthony P. Barnes


Dr. Anthony P. Barnes is a 31-year-old information technology specialist from Glenarden, Maryland. He was born and raised in Prince George’s County, where his family has a long history of service. Dr. Barnes’s grandfather, the late Leroy Gorham, was a founder and past chief of the Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department, the first all Black volunteer fire department in Maryland. Dr. Barnes recounts spending days at the firehouse, where some of the men credited his grandfather for inspiring them to finish school—he wouldn’t allow them to volunteer otherwise!  The firehouse was their vehicle to serving the community.

Dr. Barnes is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He uses the fraternity as a vehicle through which he can give back to his community.  As the director of education for the Pi Upsilon Lambda chapter, Dr. Barnes spearheaded the creation of an anti-bullying program for high school students and a college financing workshop aimed at educating the community about scholarship opportunities and other ways to finance a college education. Dr. Barnes is also the chairman of the Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Upsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation’s Beautillion Academy, where he paired high school males with mentors and coordinated the development and execution of a 13-week curriculum. The curriculum focused on educating the young men on soft-skill development in order to prepare them to be contributing members of society. It is Dr. Barnes’s hope that the youth who have benefited from the programs will reach back to educate their surrounding communities.

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