William Richard Mugg


Born in Palmer Park, William Richard Mugg is the owner of Perfect Images LLC, a full-service commercial cleaning company operating in five states. Not afraid of hard work, Ricky built his business from scratch and takes pride in employing local residents. He is a strong believer in paying his employees above a living wage and treating each one with dignity and respect. He enjoys counseling young entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the business world but don’t have any direction.

A true native son of Prince George’s County, Ricky attended Parkdale High School where he brought home the state championship in the 4x800 relay. During high school he started working with his grandfather who owned his own cleaning company, which would later lay the foundation for his own business endeavors. He learned early on the value of revering his elders, giving back to his community, and helping others. He believes in building a strong economic community where Black people build wealth by strategically buying land, growing businesses, and employing one another.

He is a proud board member of the Palmer Park Association as well as the Palmer Park Boys and Girls Club. Outside of his formal volunteer commitments, he organizes several annual community events such as a Thanksgiving dinner giveaway, children’s bookbag giveaway, young men’s gathering, and his five-year running holiday hats, scarves, and gloves giveaway.

He often reflects on the following quote:

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he shall find.” -Sir Francis Bacon

Myra Tucker