Shawn Maldon


Shawn Maldon is the founder of The Maldon Brand, an organization he started which helps businesses and professionals with development. Wanting to not only talk about and consult on how to grow a successful business, Shawn Maldon is also the founder and CEO of a few businesses himself; the most notable being a language interpreting business called Maldon Language Interpreters, LLC. As a nationally certified interpreter, Shawn Maldon is proud of the work that Maldon Language Interpreters, LLC does. Literally providing a voice for the voiceless and bridging worlds together using effective communication, Maldon has several local and federal government contracts and has interpreted in over 25 countries.

Maldon was recently elected as Mayor of the Town of Capitol Heights. In his role as Mayor, he represents the Town on all official business and, he likes to say, he is the chief problem solver for issues residents face. At age 32, Mayor Maldon made history as the youngest person elected Mayor of Capitol Heights.

Mayor Maldon graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC with a degree in Political Science and a degree in Spanish. He attended Law School at Southern University Law Center, changed directions, and obtained a Masters of Education degree from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, in 2011.

As a licensed foster parent, a mentor, educator, public servant, and a leader, Mayor Maldon strives to uplift his community. Learn more about him, his businesses, and community work at

Myra Tucker