Jessica Quiroz


Jessica Quiroz is the Associate Director in Art Education of Joe’s Movement Emporium since 2008. She has lived in Prince George’s County since she arrived in the United States in 2005. She is very involved in her community, working alongside her team to empower and uplift this generation.

As an Associate Director in Art Education, she has had the pleasure and honor to serve as a voice for families and students. Her greatest joy is to be able to connect with families personally doing whatever is possible to ensure they are thriving academically, personally, and emotionally using the arts as a catalyst for creativity and economic opportunity for all. She understands what it means to not have a voice, as she only spoke Spanish when she arrived in this country together with her son. Nothing makes her happier than to serve as a bridge for the young minds and parents, who are now learning how to recognize their inner beauty and creativity as their strength and what makes them UNIQUE.

Jessica’s area of expertise is leadership. She serves as a leader, mentor, and interpreter in the organization she has been part of for 11 years. She has developed a very effective team building system for young men and women that empowers them to actively challenge themselves for a better future as well as working together to help our future generations. Her heart is to be able to reach as many young children, men, and women as possible, empowering them to fight through their struggles, such as: stereotypes, labels, insecurities, fears, the negative patterns of this world, etc., and instead to embrace their inner and outward beauty, pushing for success, and walking out their purpose.

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