Ehijele E. Olumese


Ehijele E. Olumese, a proud native of Prince George's County, Maryland, is decoding his own lane of greatness in the field of cybersecurity. Ehijele began his career in cybersecurity on the campus of Hampton University, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in Computer Science. With a hunger for knowledge, Ehijele furthered his education by earning a master’s degree in Information Security Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ehijele now serves as a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer with The MITRE Corporation’s Center for National Security where he leads a team of top engineers performing vulnerability and risk assessments on next generation military equipment.

With a passion to pay it forward, Ehijele founded the lifestyle and media company “The Cyber Security Intellects LLC” with a mission to engage and educate the public and cultivate and inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. The company (@cysecintellects) creates and leverages content that makes cybersecurity more relatable.

In an effort to further encourage young men and women to pursue a career in the field of cybersecurity, Ehijele recently launched the “Jr. Cyber Security Intellect Scholarship” fund, which awards a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating high school senior or rising college sophomore looking to make an impact in the field of cybersecurity.

Ehijele is entering his last year at Georgetown Law School where he is concentrating in Cybersecurity and Privacy Law. He plans to continue to use his platform to inform and educate others about the importance of cybersecurity in everyday life.

Myra Tucker