Christopher Taitt


Christopher was born March 1st, 1989, in Northern, Virginia. His parents wanted to move to a respectable, strong area to raise a family. They landed in Mitchellville, Maryland—home to some of the most affluent African Americans in the United States and a vision of black excellence.

His introduction into the IT industry was the family’s purchase of a Windows 95 computer. His fascination with the device led to Christopher’s curiosity and eventually his exploration into everything this computer and other systems could do.

After high school, Christopher’s love for building and passion for technology led him to attend Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. He finished in 2013 with a degree in Information Science and Systems.

Currently Christopher is a Lead Developer and Cloud Engineer at JHC Technology. Though his career is in technology, his heart lies with helping others and blazing a trail for the next generation. Christopher has worked with local nonprofits, small businesses, and public figures with their IT needs. He actively volunteers and teaches children between the ages of 8–15 and mentors students at his alma mater.

His ultimate goal is to one day be the Chief Technology Officer for a Fortune 500 company and sit on multiple boards as a Technology Specialist. Today he continues to use technology to help, teach, and inspire everyone he encounters. Christopher’s motivation can be summed with the quote, "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" by Norman Vincent Peale.

Myra Tucker