Amity Camilla Pope


As a native of Prince George’s County and a product of the county’s school system, Amity Pope serves as a mentor teacher in the Prince George’s County Public School system. Amity’s social justice activism began in her first year of teaching, when she empowered her students to get the carpet taken out of their classroom due to a leaking ceiling. As an advocate she became a trainer in her local and state association and was appointed chair to the Government Relations committee. As a grassroots organizer and chair of the Community Partners committee, she formed a Community Schools Advisory Board for PGCEA constituted of elected officials, members of the PGCPS school board and community-based partners. In June of 2018 the Community Schools Policy passed the board of education. As the former 2nd Vice President and Education Chair to the NAACP she supported members with the townhalls focused on the public school system, as well as engaged members to attend rallies against hate crimes in the county and GOTV efforts. As the lead organizer for NEA Educators for Our Revolution and Progressive Educators of MSEA, Amity is committed to the transformation of the role law enforcement plays in the school and how mass incarceration impacts the lives of students and their families. Pursing her doctoral degree with Walden University, focusing on social justice issues, Amity is committed to obliterating the School–to–Prison Pipeline, one person at a time.

Myra Tucker