Dr. Amelia Rebekah Hall


Dr. Amelia R. Hall is CEO and Founder of The Hózhó Institute, LLC, a company she established in 2015 to promote balance, growth, resilience, and strength through the provision of quality mental health consultation services to the community and beyond (e.g., religious, academic, and government organizations). With 15 years of education, training, and professional experience spanning the fields of medicine, public health, and psychology, Dr. Hall also provides mental health therapy and evaluation to patients across the lifespan. She utilizes a practical approach for guiding and supporting patients through the process of recognizing, understanding, and resolving specific challenges with the use of evidence-based strategies and an overarching goal of demystifying mental illness and destigmatizing the acquisition of mental health services, particularly in ethnic and racial minority communities.

Dr. Hall earned a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology (American School of Professional Psychology), a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology (American School of Professional Psychology), a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology (Bowie State University), and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (Towson University). Her areas of expertise include children and families, diversity and multicultural issues, emotional and behavioral dysregulation, identity, problematic sexual behaviors, and trauma. She most recently expanded her expertise to include forensic interviewing and child sexual abuse education and prevention in response to an increasing number of crimes involving children. Her research includes the relationship between types of parenting style and adolescent risk-taking, and the impact of religious and spiritual attitudes on sexual minorities.

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