Vilma Parrilla

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Vilma Parrilla is parent engagement assistant at Prince George’s County Public Schools, having served in the County since 2013. She has lived and attended schools in the County since she arrived in the U.S. at the age of 9. She is deeply involved in ministry at Tabernacle of Faith, working alongside her husband and community to empower and uplift this generation.

As a Parent Engagement Assistant and an Interpreter for Prince George’s County, she has had the pleasure and honor to serve as a voice for families and students. Her greatest joy is to be able to connect with families and perform the necessary actions to ensure they are thriving academically, personally, and emotionally. Vilma understands what it means to not have a voice, as she only spoke Spanish when she arrived to this country. Nothing makes her happier than to serve as a bridge for parents and students who are learning English.

Vilma’s area of expertise is ministry and she serves as a minister, mentor, interpreter, and leader in her local church. Her ministry for young women, Beautiful Warrior, intends to reach as many young women as possible, empowering them to fight through their struggles with stereotyping, labels, insecurities, fear, the negative patterns of this world etc., and instead to embrace their inner and outward beauty while pushing for success and walking in their purpose.