Natalie Harris

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Natalie Evans Harris is co-founder and COO of BrightHive, a data technology company focused on responsibly connecting the data needed to increase economic opportunities for individuals. She has dedicated more than 16 years to working with organizations to advance the responsible use of data.

Natalie is driven by the fundamental belief that access to and use of our data directly affects the quality of our communities and lives. It drives efforts like recently creating a community for data practitioners to define and hold each other accountable for responsible data practices through a Code of Ethics. As a senior policy advisor in the Obama Administration, she founded the Data Cabinet, a federal data science community of practice with over 200 active members across more than 40 federal agencies, co-led a cohort of public and private sector organizations to develop data-driven tools through the Opportunity Project, and established the Open Skills Community through the Workforce Data Initiative.

Her main focus is bringing people together to understand how data can impact our lives and empowering us to define not only what can be done but how should it be done. Just as Barbara Jordan said in her keynote at the Democratic National Convention in 1976, “there is no executive order; there is no law that can require the American people to form a national community. This we must do as individuals, and if we do it as individuals, there is no President of the United States who can veto that decision.” Change happens when people come together and collectively demand what is fair and equal.