Lateefah Durant

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Lateefah Durant is committed to helping youth in Prince George’s County discover their purpose, pursue their passion, and transform their dreams into reality. She currently serves as the Officer of College and Career Readiness and Innovative Programs for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Her department provides over 40 career options for high school students to explore such as pre-engineering, culinary arts, biomedical science, and carpentry. They serve over 8,000 students and provide them with opportunities to earn industry certifications and college credits, truly preparing them for both college and career.

Lateefah is also the founder of LEGACY, an education, workforce development, and employment services non-profit that prepares and empowers individuals, families, and communities for and with economic independence. Their signature LEGACY BUILDER Program is a transformative career exploration, life planning, and job placement program that prepares and equips young adults with the skills and confidence needed to excel in life. LEGACY also provides workforce development programs for community, non-profit, faith-based, and government organizations in support of their efforts to serve and uplift the citizens of Prince George’s County.

Lateefah believes that all around us there are young men and women living below their full potential. She remarked, “I can’t give birth to their dream for them, but I can help them conceive of their future, nurture their talents, and guide them to delivery. They have to do the hard work of caring, carrying, and pushing their dreams. But, I will be by their side every step of the way.”

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