Jonathan Harris

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Jonathan Harris is the author of “Master of Ceremonies: A Male’s Guide for a Successful Life,” and runs Judicious Life, a life coaching business. His passion for helping male develop life skills and for aiding single parents in raising their sons inspired him to write a book.  As a life and career coach, he strives to help people unlock their greatest potential.  He has revised over 50 teens’ resumes free of charge.

By the age of 27, Jonathan had already received over 100 honors including the Prince George’s County Kiwanis Club Citizenship Award, Friendly High School Valedictorian, Residence Hall Coordinator of the Year, University of Delaware Dean’s List and Lincoln University’s Most Relatable Employee.

Jonathan travels around Prince George’s County and other regions speaking with youth about professionalism, personal branding, friendship, finance, and the importance of writing. His passions for service led to his appointment as the chairman for Lincoln University’s Male Initiative. He manages the campus barbershop, has tutored students, donated dress clothes and helped males find scholarships to support young men of color staying in school. He also wrote a grant to educate students on mental health issues and provided employment for students through the grant.

Jonathan’s next two books, “Growing Gents” and “Girls with Pearls,” which are children’s books, will be released this summer. He is the founder of the movement #GiveAuthorsAChance, which encourages kids to read more, promotes networking with and among authors, and calls for more media attention on authors. 

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