Launching Prince George's Rising - Can We Achieve Prosperity ... & Equity?

This is the inaugural post for PRINCE GEORGE’S RISING, a paper we published in December 2018 to articulate a vision and strategies for both prosperity and equity in Prince George’s County.

Below you will find a high-level summary of this 150-page paper.

return here regularly as We will post on the issues raised in the paper throughout the year.

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After decades of uneven progress, Prince George’s County stands on the threshold of significant change – and growth. It is poised to RISE.

Yet, it faces a critical choice. It can grow in a way that many jurisdictions have, where racial and economic inequities increase. We argue that instead we must lead in very intentional ways to ensure more inclusive economic growth and more equitable development

This paper, Prince George’s Rising, explores how Prince George’s can grow in very dynamic ways by:

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  • Core Industries. Growing its core industry clusters,

  • Innovation Based. Focusing on an innovation-based local economy

  • Anchor Institutions. Leveraging key higher education and medical anchor institutions to serve as engines for economic growth

  • TOD. Fostering transit-oriented development (TOD) that provide residents and newcomers exciting and dynamic places to live, work, & play

  • Workforce and Entrepreneur Alignment. Ensuring primary attention on developing the workforce and entrepreneurs for these core industries and innovation-based jobs

As important, the paper highlights the key elements the County will need to put in place to ensure the economy grows in equitable ways for its residents and that development occurs in ways that ensure lower-income residents and residents of color do not get pushed out.

Key strategies to ensure equitable prosperity and development include:

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  • Community Wealth-building. Anchor institutions committed to community-wealth building

  • Workforce Development. Cluster-based, industry workforce development partnerships that ensure the needs of employers are being met while bolstering the skills of residents (especially lower-income) for middle-skill and higher-skill jobs

  • Supporting Entrepreneurs. Scaled up support for entrepreneurs of color

  • Incubating Small Businesses. Incubation and acceleration initiatives to grow the businesses of the County’s small business owners (particularly owners of color)

  • Preventing Displacement. Implementing policies that prevent displacement and preserve affordable home choices

  • Implementing & Aligning Housing & Zoning. Implementing the County’s new Comprehensive Housing Strategy – in alignment with the County’s new zoning ordinance

  • Equitable TOD. Ensuring transit-oriented-development is planned and delivered with equity as a priority

  • Investing in Underserved Neighborhoods. Leveraging opportunity zones and other financing mechanisms that effectively benefit underserved neighborhoods & their residents

  • Transportation Equity. Building greater equity into the delivery of transportation services

  • Community Engagement.  Involving the community in all pertinent projects, initiatives, and planning processes to ensure residents influence the benefits provided & contribute fully in the County’s prosperity

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Equity—just and fair inclusion in a society in which all can participate & prosper—has become more than a moral issue. … It is now an economic imperative.”    Angela Glover Blackwell, Policy Link

You can download the executive summary here

You can download the full report here

Click on Recommendations and Chapter Summaries to download each document.

Implementation will require taking a comprehensive and integrated view and commitment to working through a wide range of complex issues.

Implementation will require taking a comprehensive and integrated view and commitment to working through a wide range of complex issues.

Steve Brigham