Christopher McDaniel

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Christopher McDaniel is the founder of @Perfection Mobile HairCare Service, Inc. an organization dedicated towards improving the lives of others through the gift of a hair cut. Christopher has made it his mission to cut off depression by sharing the gift of a hair cut with those in need.

Christopher’s passion for cutting hair is a self-taught gift with no prior history of Barber Schooling. Christopher’s journey began while pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree at West Virginia University (WVU) in the field of Sports Management with a double minor in business and communication; during which time he was an apprentice barber.

At an early age Christopher realized the importance of time and the affects it would have on others if spent wisely. As word spread around campus that Christopher was cutting hair, he devoted a lot of his free time in between classes serving over 500 WVU students and the surrounding Morgantown community. To this day, WVU Alumni still talk about how Christopher was a life savior!

Upon earning his Bachelor of Science degree from West Virginia University, Christopher structured what is known today as @Perfection Mobile Hair Care Service, Inc., a nonprofit organization under Section 501( c )( 3 ) of the International Revenue Code and it’s “Grooming For Success “ initiative, where its mission is to “Cut off Depression by sharing the gift of a hair cut with those in need”. Christopher is driven by his montra-- “ Everyone Deserves To Be Groomed For Success Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.”